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KartStars Canada Finale (Race 4 of 4) – 3S Go Karts – Sutton, Ontario September 5-6, 2020 – Round 4


Event Entry Form – Please note entries will be accepted only when completed in full with payment.  Entry forms that are not complete will not be accepted.


Entry at the Event –   Pre-registration for this event closes on Thursday September 3rd at 8pm. On-site registration will be available after the pre-registration deadline but will include an additional service fee.  PLEASE do everything possible to pre-register on-line and in a timely fashion.  Note: All participants must be registered before they will be allowed on the track for controlled practice.


On-line Registration –  On-line Registration will be available until 8pm on Thursday September 3rd, 2020 . Only drivers who have registered on-line will have their names included in the event preview. KartStars Canada has introduced discounts on Race Tires, Fuel and Oil. To take advantage of these discounts drivers must register on-line.


Kart Number –   Click HERE to access the 2020 KartStars Canada Number Registry. If your name isn’t on the list you should lock in your number to avoid duplicates. Once you are assigned a number through the registry it is your number for all events in 2020.


Paddock/Parking – The paddock is reserved for trailers and tent space only. No passenger vehicles will be allowed in the paddock at anytime. Please refer to the Supplemental Regulations for parking designations. All RV/Camping will be parked in a designated area.


Practice – Unofficial practice will be available Thursday September 3rd from 9am-5pm. Contact the hosting facility for more details. Series organized controlled practice will be available Friday September 4th from 9am-5pm and will only be open to those registered for the event.


Schedule – Click HERE for the Round 4 KartStars Canada Event Schedule.

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