2020 National Number Registry


KartStars Canada is creating a National number registry that all clubs and regions can rely on. For karters that strictly race in local club competitions, a race number will still be reserved by your home club with no further action necessary. For those looking to compete outside of their home club and in larger provincial and national events please fill out and submit the form below. By doing so, the registry will act as a National number guide for the upcoming season. Please note your selected number should match your Club number when possible. Be sure to choose a number within the range allowed for your particular class. Numbers will be assigned first come first serve. Use the buttons below to view the form and the updated registry.

2020 National Rules and Regulations


Industry leaders are currently hard at work creating a National Rule Set. Once confirmed, these rules will be published below. The rule set will act as a standard for tracks across the country, with supplemental regulations then being produced by individual clubs to meet their specific needs, as always.


Please check this section regularly for updates and bulletins, which should be printed and included with your complete Rules and Regulations.


2020 Briggs & Stratton Technical Regulations *POSTED: 02.29.20

2020 Vortex – Mini Rok Technical Regulations *POSTED: 02.29.20

2020 Vortex – Rok Junior Technical Regulations *POSTED: 02.29.20

2020 Vortex – Rok Senior Technical Regulations *POSTED: 02.29.20

2020 Vortex – VLR Masters Technical Regulations *POSTED: 02.29.20

2020 Vortex – Rok Shifter/Masters Technical Regulations *POSTED: 02.29.20

2020 Kartsport Canada Sporting Regulations

2020 Kartsport Canada Technical Regulations